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Pattern design

Computerized pattern making process using Adobe Illustrator and rulers scaled to real size to create

yoga pants and sports bra athletic ensemble. 

Computerized Patternmaking

Using Adobe Illustrator to create pants foundation.

Hip foundation

Creating the hip foundation.

Pants Foundation
Sports Bra Design

Aligning shoulder lines to create straps for sports bra.

Pants Foundation

Labeling the pants foundation.

Top Foundation

Creating the knit front and back bodice foundation.

Hip and Top foundation

The process of the hip and top foundation.

Yogadit Pattern Pieces.png

Final Computerized Pattern


2017-11-22 17.39.12.jpg
2017-11-22 17.39.34.jpg
2017-11-22 17.41.59.jpg
2017-11-22 17.36.52.jpg
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